A Wonderful Surprise!

This morning I got a wonderful surprise – a comment from one of the readers of my blog.  And although I am always thrilled to receive comments about my stories (good or bad), they usually only come from friends or family members.  I mean, who else reads my blog?  Who else would even be interested in what I write about?  I ask myself those same questions every time I sit down to write another short story (blog).  After all, the Internet covers the whole planet, so it’s conceivable that there are many people from all around the world who read my blogs – but then again, it’s more probable that it’s limited to only a few diehard friends and/or family.

So when I received a comment from Nancy C. (nee Walsh) this morning it brought tears to my eyes.  Nancy is one of the daughters of the late Ma Walsh whom I wrote about in my 4-part blog The Summer of ’66 and the first contact that I’ve had with anyone in her family in over 40 years.  Here is the link to the first part of that series:  http://danielstandrews.com/2013/07/28/the-summer-of-66-part-1-of-4-a-repost/

When I wrote about that summer, it brought back so many memories of that magical time in my life.  But I never dreamed that anyone from that tiny village in Southern Ontario would ever read my blog, much less a member of the Walsh family.  But Nancy did and I am so thrilled to have read her comment this morning.  Her comment and my reply can be viewed on the Dog Days of Summer blog or by clicking on this link:  http://danielstandrews.com/2014/05/22/dannys-going-going-gone/

Thanks Nancy for opening the floodgates of memories of those summers that I spent in Vittoria;  I can now go back to believing in magic…

And speaking of living in a ‘small world’ – my sister Linda and her husband Brian are currently on a river cruise in Europe and she just emailed that they had bumped into a girl that she went to school with in Oshawa many, many years ago!  (Linda is my much older sister).  What are the odds of bumping into someone you hadn’t seen or heard from in years?