Update from the beach…

White Rock-20120704

Today I am going to get my new headshots done.  It’s been 4 years since I last had them done and well, I’ve got less hair, less weight and more wrinkles.  I had been waiting until I got my lower partial plate, to hide the missing front tooth; and now that I have it, I am getting kissed by all kinds of strange women.  However, I still can’t whistle but that’s okay.

The main thing is that I can now go back to auditioning.  I hadn’t been doing anything since a year ago when I lost the front tooth (the ongoing effects of radiation treatments) and there isn’t much demand for toothless actors, so it will be great to get back to doing film and commercials.  My cousin Ruth in Moncton told me that she recently saw me in a TV commercial for a law firm that I had done 18 months ago.  In the commercial I’m playing the part of an accident victim that was suing for damages.  The commercial has been airing throughout the USA for various law firms – but I haven’t seen it yet.

I hope to post my new headshot pics in the next week or so.  Maybe you can let me know which one(s) you like the best.

Talk to you soon!






Today’s Audition

Today I had an audition for a commercial at GO Studios in Vancouver.  It was scheduled for 1:30 PM, so I left home at noon to give myself plenty of time to drive into the city.  I got there at 1:29 PM and rushed up two flights of stairs to the audition reception area.  Good; I made it!   There were a few actors seated and waiting for their call – so now I just had to fill out the paperwork and wait.  My role was Mario the Ice Cream Man and I was supposed to dress for the part.  It’s been quite a while since I last saw an ice cream man but I was pretty sure that their clothes were all-white.  I had no problem with the white shirt, white running shoes and white socks but I haven’t owned a pair of white pants since the Saturday Night Fever era.  However, I did have a pair of light tan Dockers which would probably appear white on camera anyway.

I looked around the room and noticed that of all the actors, I was the only one dressed in white.  Maybe it’s painters that always wear white – or am I confusing them with guys working in a bakery?  Never mind I thought – just be confident and go in there and be a wonderful Mario, the Ice Cream Man.   I am not usually nervous when I audition but today was different – I was so rushed getting there on time.  When I finally got seated and opened my bottle of soda water  it sprayed all over me!  Most of the bottle emptied on my lap and as I jumped to my feet the Casting Director called my name.  Great!  Now my light tan pants have a large dark wet spot on the front and I have to audition in front of a camera.

The Casting Director told me that the first part of the audition was for me to be showing a look of surprise or shock.  That will be easy I thought as I looked down at my wet pants.

“No Daniel, look at the camera!” yelled the Casting Director.

I quickly looked up at the camera but the look on my face was one of embarrassment.  I kind of shrugged my shoulders which made me look even more pathetic.

“Okay Daniel, the next part is for you to act really happy and dance to the music.”

I immediately started dancing, while at the same time trying really, really hard to smile.

“No Daniel, not yet – wait for the music to start!” cried the Casting Director.

Anyway, I finished the audition and was walking out of the room and passed a couple of actors who were staring at my wet pants.

“It was for a Depends commercial” I muttered without missing a beat.

I wonder if I’ll get a call back audition?