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Leaves, Fires, Chestnuts and the “F” Word

I’m going to spend the afternoon raking leaves in the yard. I remember as a young boy, walking home from school with my buddies and playing in the large piles of leaves that people had raked to the edge of their boulevard/side of the road. In my neighbourhood almost every house had a large tree […]

A Blind Dog in Winnipeg

I was just going through some rapid memory flashes when my brain stopped at an event that occured one night in Winnipeg about 10 years ago.  It was during my tenure as Western Regional Sales Manager and I had just spent the day visiting customers with one of my district managers, who we had nicknamed […]

Pinch me – please!

Originally published October 19, 2012 My morning drive to work (as a volunteer at the Cancer Center) began like the so many others I had taken over the past year.  Things started to get weird when I suddenly heard a voice cheerfully saying “Welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order?”  I looked around and […]

The Beach Boys concert at the PNE

I remember first hearing The Beach Boys on the radio when I was 12 years old (1962) and they instantly became my favourite band.  Their sound was totally different than existing bands and the lyrics to their songs made you want to move to California, or at the very least learn how to surf.  Unfortunately, […]

A Smile, Nod or Wink in White Rock

Originally published May 16, 2012 Usually, I go for my walks on the Promenade at the beach in White Rock.  There are a number of reasons why I walk there instead of in my own neighborhood: Numerous public washrooms  Spectacular views of:Challenging – 2.8 miles  Ocean Mt.  Baker & other mountains Vancouver Island & Gulf […]

The Bald Stalker

Originally published April 17, 2012 It was during my daily walk on The Promenade in White Rock last week that I first became aware that I was being stalked.   At first, I dismissed the notion as silly – besides, I thought, “Why would anyone want to stalk me?”   But every day, it’s the same thing – […]

The Flasher in Surrey

Originally published April 2, 2012 On my way home from the Cancer Centre this afternoon, I noticed in my rear view mirror, a pickup truck approaching – with yellow-strobe-lights flashing.  I started to panic – was this an emergency vehicle?  And if so, should I move to the shoulder of the road and let it […]

The Summer of ’66 – Part 3 of 4

Originally published March 22, 2012     NOTE:  Please read Part 2 before reading this post – thanks!  On our way to Turkey Point, we stopped to pick up Dude at his Uncle’s farm – which was about a mile down the road from the village.  Dude’s Aunt and Uncle were sitting on the front […]

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