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The 60’s

Flashback to the 60’s: Loblaws & The House of the Rising Sun

Originally published February 15, 2013 It was sometime during 1964 and I was desperate for a part-time job.  I had given up my newspaper job at the Oshawa General Hospital (see My Best Newspaper Job blog) and I wasn’t interested in any more paper routes, shoveling snow or cutting lawns – been there, done that.  […]

My Best Newspaper Job

Originally published January 29, 2013 I remember my first newspaper job but I’m not sure how old I was – I’m guessing I was probably 9 years old.  Actually, it wasn’t called a job in those days – it was called a “paper route”.  Everyday a truck would deliver a bundle of Oshawa Times newspapers […]

Mr. Blair the Milkman

Originally published January 20, 2013 Recently, I was chatting with someone who was complaining that the days were too short.  You know, during the winter months – when it’s dark when you get up in the morning, it’s dark on your way to school/work and it’s dark on your way home after school/work.  And as […]

The Beach Boys concert at the PNE

I remember first hearing The Beach Boys on the radio when I was 12 years old (1962) and they instantly became my favourite band.  Their sound was totally different than existing bands and the lyrics to their songs made you want to move to California, or at the very least learn how to surf.  Unfortunately, […]

Another Love Story – 1969

Originally published July 26, 2012 Although I wasn’t planning to write any more blog posts until the Fall, my mind suddenly began to wander back to the ’60’s – to my one and only visit to Washington, DC – a weekend full of surprises in the Land of the Free.  It’s a story that still gives me the […]

The Flasher in Surrey

Originally published April 2, 2012 On my way home from the Cancer Centre this afternoon, I noticed in my rear view mirror, a pickup truck approaching – with yellow-strobe-lights flashing.  I started to panic – was this an emergency vehicle?  And if so, should I move to the shoulder of the road and let it […]

The Summer of ’66 – Part 4 of 4

Originally published March 25, 2012     NOTE:  Please read Part 3 before reading this post – thanks! As we sat in Ma Jacobits’ restaurant, a couple of the guys suggested that Dude and I should try to get work “hoeing” tobacco on one of the farms directly across the road from the restaurant.  I […]

The Summer of ’66 – Part 3 of 4

Originally published March 22, 2012     NOTE:  Please read Part 2 before reading this post – thanks!  On our way to Turkey Point, we stopped to pick up Dude at his Uncle’s farm – which was about a mile down the road from the village.  Dude’s Aunt and Uncle were sitting on the front […]

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