Message from the North Pole

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Yesterday, I got a long-distance call (collect) from Santa Claus, and he asked me to cover for him again this year.  But Santa Danny is only allowed to receive two things:  Love and Money.

Love is the fuel that drives Santa Danny, and money is what he hopes to raise for the University of British Columbia’s Oral Cancer Prevention Fund.  In the last few years, he has raised almost $3,000.  Every penny that he raises goes to this vital cause.

This year, Santa Danny is hoping to raise $2,000.  But this is not a charity drive – it’s my way of increasing awareness and prevention of cancer.  Santa Danny also visits hospitals, hospices, dental study groups, schools, and other organizations for free.

So if your company is having a Christmas party – why not hire a professional Santa?  The fee is $400 for a two-hour visit.  Santa Danny has an RCMP criminal background check completed each November and has had his flu shots.

Here are some photos of his visits in previous years:

Santa Danny (2012)

Urban Safari Rescue Society, Surrey BC

Urban Safari Rescue Society with Fabreeze the Skunk

Oh no! Fabreeze is going to spray Santa!

A tasty treat was offered to lower the tail...

Santa and Ferris Bueller

Santa and Rebecca love dogs!

Santa loves cats, too!

Santa loves all animals - especially dogs!

Santa with a dedicated USRS volunteer

Getting ready for the perfect picture!

Sharon (Awesome Photographer)
Sharon also manages the Urban Safari Rescue Society with Gary

Surrey Memorial Hospital

Betty is Santa's favorite gal pal at SMH. She's in her 90's and still volunteers!

BC Cancer Agency - Surrey, BC

Santa's arrives at Cancer Centre (2012)

Santa's first visit in Chemo Room (2012)

Santa loves his gal pal Nurse Donna M. If Santa wasn't so old and Donna wasn't so fussy...

Santa with gal pal Ellen Suarez

Santa's gal pal Nurse Lisa (aka Gorgeous!)

My adopted grandchild, Sannie

Santa with Rona, a volunteer

With Finley, the care dog Santa loved!

Santa and Nurse Donna M.

Santa & Nurse Donna getting frisky!

Santa and Rona kissing

Gal pal Harinder

Santa's buddy Norm

Gal pal Pat

Gal pal Trish with Santa Danny

Santa hugs gal pal Donna M. and the Oral Dentistry Department

Dr. Chan, Cathy, Santa, Dentist, and Donna

Cathy, Jonathan & Donna

Santa's gal pals in Oral Dentistry

Volunteers Vivian & Diane

Santa at gal pal Sue's show

Nicomekl Elementary School, Langley

Santa Danny at Nicomekl School

Santa at Nicomekl School

Castle Fantasy Park (2014)

Santa chatting with kids

Santa visits City Square Mall (2014, 15, 16,17)

Santa's favorite mall

Long lines to see Santa

Santa greets first child

Brinks Staff Xmas Party

Brink guards and Santa

UBC Faculty of Dentistry - Oral Health Centre

Dr. Leigha Rock, Santa Danny & Dr. Denise Laronde

Santa's gal pal helpers

Santa and Leigha giving candy canes to staff

Santa's favorite kids

Santa's favourite doctors

Wish I could have given more...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

December 2, 2018

Santa's first visit in 2018

Six consecutive years

at Surrey Honda

Santa greets a fan

Santa sits and awaits first child

Another magical party! Bye Santa!

I know that money is in short supply, but this is an important cause.  In the next twenty years, the number of people with cancer will double!  You or a member of your family will likely be affected by this terrible disease.  We’ve already lost too many friends and family members.

I’ve also included this link to one of Santa’s most memorable visit:  Santa Danny’s Christmas Story

Dedicated to Dr. Denise Laronde and Dr. Leigha Rock


Santa Danny

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4 thoughts on “Message from the North Pole

  1. Dear Santa…..There are two big boys….one on Carriageway and one on Atlee that would love to see Santa. I think they’ve both been good but you would know best.

    1. Dear Diane, Yes, those boys (Garth and Dale) have been on my bad boy list since they were in their 40’s. But each year, they promise me that they’ll be good and will take you and Donna golfing with them, three or four times a week. In their letter to me this year, they said that they offered to let you girls ‘caddy’ for them. They also mentioned something about you and Donna needing exercise. After rolling on the floor laughing, I decided that I’d forgive them and hope you gals enjoy your new job. Hugs, Santa Danny
      PS – I’m hoping to do a cross-Canada tour next year and make stops along the way. I’ll definitely be dropping by to see you guys!

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