A Happy Goats’ Day

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A few days ago, I received an email from my friends, Reg and Leslie Dutton.  They had sent me a beautiful Christmas card in the mail; so, I assumed it was either an esoteric, happy new year or happy birthday message because the Subject line read:  Happy Goats!

A quick look didn’t reveal a message, so I just assumed that it was a secret happy birthday message. Reg and I are both Capricorns. Our birthdays are precisely seven days apart. His is on New Year’s Day, and mine is on Elvis Presley’s birthday.  However, he’s a few years older (and wiser) than me.

Before anyone gets the notion that I’m a follower of Astrology – I remain cautiously, optimistic, that some of its proclamations are based on reality.  I mean, how can there be so many similarities in the characteristics of people born under that sign, if there wasn’t a basis in truth?  Reg and I have noticed a number of similarities in our lives and our personality.  We both like and dislike, a lot of the same things.

So, then I started to think that maybe, Leslie and Reg’s card was a reference to 2020 being the ‘Year of the Goat?’

But after a quick Google search, I learned that 2020 is the Year of the Rat.  A sudden sigh of relief enveloped my spirit.  At least, we goats can’t be blamed for any adverse events that occur this year!

And then I began to read more about the common traits of people born under the Capricorn sign.  And although Elvis Presley, David Bowie, and Stephen Hawkins were all born on January 8th, I probably have more in common with Reg Dutton.  Neither of us was ever famous, but we’re both still alive!

But Danny, why are you wasting space on the Internet with such blather?

Relax, gorgeous (yes, I mean you!). Just continue sitting there being beautiful!  Besides, the Internet is as big as the Universe – so there’s plenty of space for my drivel.

I have known Reg for about three years.  I met him when I joined a couple of walking clubs.  My first walk with the Vancouver ‘Venturers Walking Club was with Reg, and it was at a Stanley Park walk around the seawall.  He was walking with Connie MacLean, who also became a close friend.  The three of us enjoyed our day together, walking at the back-of-the-pack.

Getting back to the Capricorn sign – Reg and I share many of the same characteristics in our personalities.  Even the relationship with our dogs is almost identical.  His dog Flaire was a Shelty who passed a few years ago.  She accompanied Reg on many of his walks and walked thousands of miles with him.

At a walk in Port Coquitlam

Walking the Iona Jetty on Sea Island

At a baseball game at the Nat

Reg, outside a famous church in Richmond

But that is the one thing that I could never get Holly Golightly to do – go for walks!  She even hates being in the car.  Go figure!  What kind of dog doesn’t like having their head out of the car window during ‘car rides?’  Answer:  Holly Golightly

So, this morning, while going through my email messages, I reread Leslie and Reg’s email.  And then I noticed the attachment at the bottom of the page.  It was a video clip, and it was titled “Happy Goats.”

After viewing the Happy Goats video, I sent the Duttons an email, to see if they would like to drive with me to the Connie MacLean memorial walk on Sunday, January 5th.  It’s in Stanley Park, Connie’s favorite place in the Lower Mainland.

Today, I’m going to the oral surgeon to have my mouth checked again.  The area in my mouth where the tooth was removed almost two years ago still hasn’t healed.  But I’m not complaining – it is what it is, and life goes on.

Oh, and one last thing, here is the Happy Goats video, that the Duttons sent me:

I hope you enjoy watching the video clip, and that it made you smile.  My favorite part is at the very end when they all gather at the feet of the farmer to get a hug.  Priceless!

And then, as I was beginning to write this story, I got a message from my friend Nancy, who lives in  Miramichi, New Brunswick.  We lost contact with each other after I moved back to British Columbia, in the Summer of 1997.  She was a manager at one of the GM dealerships.  She wrote to tell me that she’s a regular reader of my journal.

Yesterday, I spent New Years Day, at a walk at Mill Lake, in Abbotsford.  The temperature was 12 degrees Celsius, and there were hundreds of other people enjoying the park.  But the group I was supposed to be walking with, were nowhere to be seen, so maybe, that will be my next story.

In the meantime, Happy Goats Day, to you, and your loved ones!

Dedicated to Reg and Leslie Dutton



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4 thoughts on “A Happy Goats’ Day

  1. Happy Goats Day. Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday to you my dear friend. May this year bless you with healing, happiness, joy and many more creative endeavours.

    1. Thank you, Sue! Eleven years ago, I hoped I would make it to sixty. And at sixty, I hoped to reach sixty-five years old. But next Wednesday, I’ll be seventy and I can’t believe how fortunate I am. I’m also blessed with friends like you, Sue. May this be a year that all of your dreams come true! Hugs, Danny

  2. Hi Dan really enjoy your blogs. I have a dear friend who lives in Abbotsford and just finished a beautiful visit with her and her husband here in Florida. Take care…hugs

    1. Hi Bonnie, When I read your message this morning, I got an immediate flash of deja vu and suddenly, I was at a stock car race with you and Billy in Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI. We sure had some memorable times together and I cherish every one! Hugs and Love, Dan

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