Cold Feet, Holly, and a CT Scan

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It used to be a relatively simple thing to do – buying a pair of slippers.  Then again, a lot of stuff used to be simpler than they are nowadays.  I hate sounding like one of those old-timers who used to tell me how things were better ‘back in the day.’ But at least things were cheaper.

I haven’t owned a pair of slippers in many years because I never liked wearing them. To me, wearing footwear all day long gets tiring, and when I get home, all I want to do is to walk around barefoot or in my socks.

The last pair of slippers I owned, finally fell apart, after years of being a substitute toy for Holly Golightly. My slippers acted as a comfort to Holly whenever I was away. I also have an old housecoat, that I haven’t worn in years, on my bed for Holly to lay on at night.

I don’t remember where I bought my last pair of slippers – it’s been that long. But I know that it was either Eatons or the Bay department stores. And if I’m guessing correctly, they cost about a sawbuck.

Hold it, Danny! What the heck is a ‘sawbuck?’

Relax Spanky, sit there eating your porridge, and I’ll explain.

Back in my day, we used to have various slang terms for money. For instance, a Buck was $1; a Fin was $5; a Sawbuck was $10; a Double Sawbuck was $20; a C-Note was $100; a Grand was $1,000.  They weren’t as descriptive as the Loonie (replaced the Buck) or the Toonie (replaced the $2 bill).

I found a photo of me wearing the last pair of slippers I owned.

A shy Holly Golightly hiding behind Danny

I decided to buy a new pair of slippers because my feet are often cold. My hands are cold a lot, too. I know it’s because of the weight I lost after cancer (about 100 lbs). That extra weight acted as insulation.

So, yesterday, I drove to Willowbrook Mall in Langley to shop for a new pair of slippers.

I spent about an hour walking through the mall and checking every store that carried men’s slippers. The Bay only had a few pairs left after the Christmas buying spree. But none that I liked or were in my size.

The other stores had a lot of selection, but even at sale prices, I couldn’t find a pair for less than $60!

“Why are these slippers so expensive?” I asked a young, chipper sales clerk.

“Because they’re designer slippers!” she explained.

“Designer? Who is the designer?” I asked politely.

“UGG,” she replied while rolling her eyes. “They normally sell for $149.95!”

That’s a lot of money to spend on a pair of slippers, I thought. And it wouldn’t stop Holly from chewing on them, either.

I repeated this routine, in several other stores – with the same result. So I left the mall and walked back to my vehicle in the pouring rain.

I was about to give up but had a brain flash instead. Walmart!

I cringed at the name. My mom used to complain that Walmart was going to put all of the smaller stores out-of-business because of their low prices.

But to me, I prefer to shop at smaller stores because they usually have experienced salespeople on duty. Try to find a ‘sales associate’ (as they refer to their employees) at Walmart.

I needed the slippers for Saturday because that’s when I go for a CT Scan at Langley Memorial Hospital. It’s the scan where they inject a dye into your veins, and then the machine scans the soft tissue in the affected area (chest and lung area). You wear a gown and a pair of socks. But I remember how cold the hospital floors are, so that’s why I needed the slippers.

Once inside Walmart, I walked around the crowded store until I found the shoe department. There was one complete aisle devoted to slippers, all of which were hanging on hooks. The pricing was from $6 – $19, and there were lots of different styles and colors. And they had my size 12 too!

I tried on a pair of blue slippers, and they felt like they were tailor-made for my feet!  And they only cost $14.97!  (a sawbuck plus a fin).  The cashier asked if I wanted a bag, and I politely said no.

I wanted to see the expression on Holly’s face when I walk through the front door, carrying the slippers in my hand.  Did I mention that she’s always waiting for me at the door when I come home?

I leave for the hospital in another couple of hours.  I’ll have to sneak the slippers out, so Holly won’t see my taking them.  After all, they’re her slippers too!

As for today’s CT Scan – my fingers, legs, and eyes are all crossed for good luck!  And I’ll be wearing Holly’s slippers.

Dedicated to my Holly Golightly



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  1. Thanks, Sue. I’ve been in bed ever since – but not due to the scan. I’m feeling better this morning and hope to go for a short walk by the sea. I get invigorated by the ocean and mountains – which is better than the bed sores I’ll surely get if I don’t get moving! Hugs, Danny

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