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POETS (Piss On Everything Tomorrow’s Saturday).  It was early Friday morning when her wet lick on my lips woke me.

My dog Holly Golightly is almost deaf, and she’s slowing down.  I didn’t feel much like getting up, but it’s either Holly or Mother Nature waking me at 4:00 am each morning, so I grumbled my way to the sunroom to let her outside.

Holly will be 14 years old in November; which converted from dog years to humans (X7) has her age at 98 years old.  No wonder she’s almost deaf!

My Holly Golightly – she’s a Coton de Tulear

The lawn was now becoming covered by fallen leaves from the cherry tree – a sign that Fall is just around the corner.

But I love the Fall season most of all and think it is because I always used to get excited about going back to school in September.

Dr. SJ Phillips Public School, Oshawa

and my high school

OCVI – Oshawa, Ontario

But that was over fifty years ago!

The first day of school included exciting stories from my friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen since the start of summer break because we lived in different neighborhoods.

I don’t remember wandering off of our street on Sutherland Avenue in Oshawa unless it was to play at Connaught Park, which was at the bottom of our road.

Everything you’d ever needed or wanted was in our neighborhood – if we didn’t have something – it’s because we probably didn’t need it.

Labor Day Weekend was also when the UAW 222 held its annual picnic at Lakeview Park in south Oshawa.  My Uncle Ron would sometimes take me there, and it was quite the event.

I remember that he won a brand new 1960 Pontiac at the picnic one Summer.   He was one of the luckiest guys I’ve ever known.

General Motors used to have a significant presence in Oshawa.  I worked for the General from 1978-2005 and retired as Western Region Sales Manager, ACDelco division.  In its day, GM had two car plants, a truck plant and a battery plant located in Oshawa.

But now, GM has closed all of its vehicle manufacturing plants in Oshawa.

Last I heard, they were now making face masks for the Covid19 pandemic, at one of the plants.


Those were my thoughts last Friday morning – memories of past Septembers.

Usually, I would be meeting Norm for coffee at the Whitby House in White Rock. We’ve been doing that every Friday morning for almost ten years.

But he and Dorean had traveled to Salmon Arm for the week, so I had nothing planned for the day.

And that saddened me.  We get used to our daily and weekly routines, and when they’re interrupted, it can be a bit unsettling.

But as I sipped my coffee and opened my laptop, I noticed a new message from Norm.  He mentioned that they had decided to come home a day early and wanted to know if I wanted to meet for coffee as usual?

My frown quickly turned to an ear-to-ear smile.

It’s great to have friends, I thought.  Friends have always been my most valuable and treasured possession.

I quickly replied that I would meet him at the Whitby House at 8:15 am.


Usually, Norm and I go for a walk along the Promenade before we have coffee.  Each week we walk a different route, and on this morning, I suggested we walk to the end of the pier and back.

It was on the pier that I noticed her.  My heart started to race like I had seen a long lost love.  She was standing in the sand directly below us as we walked by.

I wanted to get her attention by screaming frantically, like a nine-year-old getting his first two-wheeler (bike) but I couldn’t remember the gal’s name!  I tried to get her attention anyway.

Hey.. hi.. hello.. over here!  Remember me?  Yes, it’s me!

It was the girl that I had met three summers ago, from the pier in White Rock.

I took several short video clips at the time and was planning to write a story about her and the artwork.  She created beautiful images in the sand that were visible to the onlookers who were watching her from the pier.

I told Norm that I would meet him back at the Whitby House – that I wanted to run down to the beach to see my long lost gal pal.  I tried to explain to Norm that this was just a friend and not a long lost love, but I didn’t want to miss her seeing her again!

By the way, I came up with the term ‘gal pal’ because I have lots of friends that are girls but they’re not my ‘girlfriends’ by the traditional definition.

It’s the same with my friends that are boys – they’re not my ‘boyfriends’, but rather are known as pals or buddies.

Oh, and one last clarification: I refer to women as ‘girls’ if they are under the age of 100.  Because just like boys, only our physical bodies grow old.  Our minds remain young and vibrant!

The tide was out, leaving the ground muddy, but I ran out to where the artist was putting the finishing touches to her masterpiece in the sand.

I apologized to her for forgetting her name, and she replied that it was Larissa.  She had a beautiful smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

I had so much that I wanted to say to her.  I wished that I could hug her in a loving embrace – the kind of hug a grandfather gives his grandkids.  And yes, I am old enough to be her grandpa!

When I got home, I went through my previous blog stories but could not find any records about Larissa or her awesome pier doodles.

So, I decided to sort through my vast collection of video clips and finally found the ones I took of Larissa during the Summer of 2017.

There are eleven short clips, and the last two are the ones taken last Friday.  The closing video is of Larissa, explaining why she creates these images in the sand.  Please watch by clicking below:

How can you not love such a precious person?

I love all of my friends.  But I have a tiny bit more love for people in the arts because they can express in their craft, what they feel in their heart.

By the way, the reason that Norm didn’t walk out in the muddy sand to meet Larissa is that his wife had washed his white running shoes, and he was afraid to get them dirty.  LOL

Anyway, I hope you’ll get a chance to visit the beach in White Rock this week.

If you see Larissa, be sure to say hello to her for me.  But don’t look for a donation jar – she creates art from the heart and accepts the joys of giving as her reward.

Oh, and be sure to tell Larissa that Danny told you all about her!

UPDATE:  OMG!  I just Googled ‘pier doodles’ and found a link to Larissa’s website!

Here’s the link to her PierDoodles site.

Dedicated to gal pal, Larissa

I hope my stories are a gift to your head and heart.



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By Daniel (Danny) St. Andrews

An almost famous Film, Television & Stage Actor (as in almost pregnant) living in Vancouver, BC His other passions include cancer patient advocate (he had stage 3 throat cancer), walking with the Vancouver 'Venturers Walking Club, and of course, spoiling his dog, Holly Golightly. If you like the stuff he writes about - please leave a hug (or a comment).

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