UFOs, UAPs, and Heat

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If you have been following the recent media coverage of the reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), you are probably puzzled by how widespread the reports are.  There were even reported sightings in Oshawa, Ontario and Bedford, Nova Scotia!

Although I have not researched the topic, I do have several observations on the subject.

First of all, the US Intelligence Agency has recently confirmed that they have investigated 144 UAP sightings and that 143 sightings cannot be explained.  That itself is a remarkable admission.

Secondly, the US government is finally acknowledging that UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) sightings actually occurred and that their current list of possible explanations for these phenomena included:

  1. Debris in the air
  2. Atmospheric conditions
  3. Secret U.S. equipment
  4. Foreign adversary’s advanced technology
  5. Other

But the government also states that there is no evidence that the UFOs are aliens, but they are not dismissing this possibility.

In the ‘70s, I took a course on Astronomy at university.

It really opened my mind to the possibility that we are not the only life in the Universe.

Personally, I have always believed that there is life on other planets in the Milky Way and other galaxies in the Universe.

In the early ‘80s, while sitting in my backyard in Oshawa, Ontario, I noticed what I believed to be several UFOs flying in formation in the afternoon sky!

At first, I called Annette outside to see if she saw the same thing as me.

She did!

I immediately phoned the Durham Regional Police Department and excitedly told the officer what we had witnessed.

But I could almost detect a snicker in the dispatcher’s reply – that they would check it out.

I ran across the street to show my neighbors the phenomena.

They came outside and looked up into the sky.

Other neighbors noticed us and began looking at the sky, too – wondering what we were looking at?

And then we suddenly realized that it was fast-moving clouds that made some distant stars appear that they were spacecraft.

I was so embarrassed that I wanted to disappear magically.

How many beers had you drunk that afternoon, Danny?

None, Spanky.  It was an honest mistake!

Several years later, while living in Bedford, Nova Scotia, one of my neighbors confessed a similar embarrassing incident.

Dale was looking at the night skies with a telescope he had bought.

He was viewing the sky through one of the windows in his house, and he noticed a UFO!

He immediately contacted one of the federal government agencies in Ottawa and reported the sighting.

Dale is much smarter than me – and it made me feel a bit better that he had been mistaken, too!

It turns out that what Dale thought was an alien spacecraft was actually fly shit on the screen of the window!

Dale and I are best friends, and I know he won’t mind me sharing his experience with you.

And before I close this chapter, I would like to offer a possible explanation for the recent UFOs or UAPs.

Maybe, the spacecraft is not from another planet in the Universe.

Maybe they are not aliens.

Maybe, they are humans that can‘ time travel’ from the future – as Captain Kirk and the members of the USS Enterprise spaceship did in the Star Trek television series.

Much of the technology shown on that ‘60s show is now common – such as cell phones, robots, and computers that we communicate with.


Speaking of the unexplained – I cannot believe the extreme temperatures we are experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest region.

Yesterday, it was 41 degrees Celsius or 105 degrees Fahrenheit!

And it was even hotter in Seattle and Portland.  Today, the forecast is 114 degrees for Portland!

I do not remember it ever being this hot in Canada.  And it worries me.

I am fortunate because my new place is relatively cool, and I have a fan.  I keep the doors and windows closed and only go outside to let Holly go potty.

I have walked along the beach for the past two days, but it was just too hot to spend more than 30 minutes.

It was also one of the few times that I have worn a hat.

One of my gal pals mentioned that she puts her clothes in the freezer for twenty minutes before getting dressed.

She says it is refreshing!

However, the serious consequence of extreme heat is its effect on older people who do not have air conditioning or a fan.

And some have no one to look after them or run errands.  If you know an elder in this situation, maybe you can offer to help them?

Hopefully, cooler weather is coming – but it won’t be soon enough!


In an earlier blog, I mentioned that I would be volunteering at the Peach Arch Hospital here in White Rock during July and August.  My gal pal, Cathy, who volunteers there, had spoken to her supervisor about me replacing her during her holidays this summer.

But I never heard from her supervisor, so I guess I will not be volunteering there, after all.


The last thing on my mind is that I have hired a cleaning service to clean my suite – every second week.

My buddy Norm (the northern one) recommended the company.

There will be two ladies cleaning, and the charge is $40/hour, and they bring their own cleaning supplies.

However, I am not sure what time they will be coming, and I need to pick up some supplies so that I will head out shortly for Costco – they open at 8:00 for seniors.


Holly is doing better – but is now being treated for her kidneys and thyroid – in addition to her Cushing Disease.

I donated the chair and sofa and replaced them with two electric recliners and a loveseat from the La-Z-Boy furniture store.



Holly likes sleeping on the new sofa!

And speaking of technology – the recliners also have a USB port for charging my devices!

That is all for now.

Please stay safe and remain calm during the heatwave!

I’m putting my boxer shorts in the freezer – and I am not worried about the shrinkage!

UPDATE:  9:50 AM (Monday) – I had a bit of an accident before leaving the house.  I was closing one of the windows in the suite, and one of the heavy glass ‘star’ sales awards I had sitting on the window sill – fell on my big toe – causing excruciating pain.

I did not have shoes on – just my flip-flops.

But I would have needed steel-toed shoes to prevent this stupid accident.

And to see how much the glass award weighed, I brought out my weigh scales. Unfortunately, it did not register the weight of the glass, but I did note that I now weigh in at 160 lbs.

So, I would guess that the award weighed two pounds.

Here’s a photo of the award and my big toe.

You might notice it is getting blue.

After screaming out in pain – which scared the heck out of Holly, I grabbed a bag of frozen fruit to put on my toe.

After about ten minutes, the pain had gone, and I tried to put on a shoe.  It really hurts to walk, but I managed to do an abbreviated tour of Costco and got my needed supplies.

The cleaning lady texted me to say that they will not be cleaning any places that are not air-conditioned during this heatwave.

And I do not blame them!

UPDATE: 1:00 PM (Monday) – shortly after updating this story at 9:50 AM, I got an email from my buddy Tom S., in Bellingham.  Tom is married to Margaret, the Fair Lady mentioned in a previous story about Fairhaven, WA.

Anyway, here is what Tom wrote: 

I’ve had pain in a fingernail similar to your toe, probably from a hammer or some other device. You can drill or burn a hole in the nail to relieve the pain, just don’t use too much pressure, or ask someone else to help. The blood might squirt out but it sure feels better instantly. Good luck with it and whatever it takes to beat the heat. – Tom

Well, Tom, I think that I will pass with the drill.  First of all, I do not have a drill.  Secondly, I would have to ask Robert if I could borrow his drill.  And finally, I am too squeamish – I would probably end up drilling completely through my toe and into the floor!

But thanks, Tom, for thinking of me.  I am looking forward to the border opening, so we can all get together for a walk!


Update:  3:45 PM – July 1st – Happy Canada Day!

I kind of felt guilty for not thinking of something patriotic to write about, and my toe still hurts too much to do much walking, so instead, I bought a latte at the Whitby House, in White Rock, and went for a stroll along the promenade.

I saw an artist sitting by himself.  He had sample pictures – examples of his work.  His offer: A 10-minute picture for $10.


He is going to email me his address and I am going to send him a photo of Holly Golightly.  He said he would do her picture for me and I think I will hang them in my bedroom.

Happy Canada Day!  I have always loved this country and its multicultural population.  I am also celebrating Happy Universe Day (I just made it up).

Dedicated to Mister Spock 

I hope my stories are a gift to your head and heart.



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Today’s tune from Danny’s library (purchased):

If I Don’t See You Again – lyrics

If I don’t see you again
It was a hell of a ride
Don’t need to say let’s be friends
Don’t need to promise you’ll write
We rode that train through the night
And never cared where it went
If I don’t see you again

If I don’t see you again
We ran a whole other race
Two strangers meet on the road
And find their time and their place
We never once had to lie
We’d passed the age of consent
If I don’t see you again

I know it’s crazy out there
I hated sleeping around
I went out looking for love
And never liked what I found
Don’t pay to make it alone
God knows it’s lonely out there
I made it once on my own
And hardly anyone cared
If I don’t see you again

Who you gonna run to baby?
Who you gonna hide behind when the nights
Get suddenly cold?
Who’s gonna hold you?
Who’s gonna know?
Who will you go to?

Who you gonna call if it ain’t me
When you’re feeling lost
And there’s nobody out there
Looking for you
What will you do?
Where will you go
If I don’t see you again?

If I don’t see you again
You made it happen somehow
I think I gave up on life
But I feel better right now
Something you said turned me ’round
Don’t even know what you meant
If I don’t see you again

And at the end of the day
I hated sleeping alone
There’s nothing worse when you’re lost
And you don’t wanna go home
It’s gonna work out some way
I just don’t wanna be found
I’m waiting here round the bend
And I’ll be hanging around
If I don’t see you again

Who am I kidding I’m going nowhere
I can’t even get through an hour without you
Should be ashamed
Just wanna hear you
Calling my name

Two of us missed connections
Guess we must have somehow missed something more
Cause we’re here alone
I know we’re together
But too far apart
To know how to get back home

Each time we’re saying goodbye
Cause if I stayed for too long
You’d get to know me too well
And find that something is wrong

The time if perfect to go
Before the curtain descends
Right now when both of us know
That everything has got to end
If I don’t see you again

What’s it gonna come to baby?
Who you gonna hide behind when the nights
Get filled up with doom?
Looking to run
You run out of room

And will you be the one to save me?
Doesn’t look like the future is clear
And need you to hear me
Playing in tune
When nobody hears me
I end up playing to the moon

It’s time for saying goodbye
‘Cause if I stayed for too long
You get to know me too well
And find that something was wrong

The time is perfect to go
Before the curtain descends
Right now when both of us know
That everything’s got to end
If I don’t see you again

If I don’t see you again
Somehow we both made it through
I would have gave up on life
Before I gave up on you
You went and turned me around
Could be with something you said
I couldn’t make out the sound
I didn’t care what it meant
If I don’t see you again

If I don’t see you again

If I don’t see you again!

Songwriters: Neil Diamond
If I Don’t See You Again lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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By Daniel (Danny) St. Andrews

An almost famous Film, Television & Stage Actor (as in almost pregnant) living in Vancouver, BC His other passions include cancer patient advocate (he had stage 3 throat cancer), walking with the Vancouver 'Venturers Walking Club, and of course, spoiling his dog, Holly Golightly. If you like the stuff he writes about - please leave a hug (or a comment).

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