Another Christmas Miracle

Tony 'n Tina's Wedding Show 2009

Ever know or meet someone, who then becomes famous?  I have.  But that isn’t what my Christmas Miracle story is about. I once auditioned for a short film produced and directed by Drew Scott, a local actor/real estate salesman/producer. It was before I had cancer and was quite a bit heavier than I am now.  But… Continue reading Another Christmas Miracle

Music Calms My Spirit

I had just got home from the doctor’s office and was getting ready to go to Gastown to watch Adrienne and her band perform at the Guilt & Co pub.  Holly was making a fuss, sensing that I was leaving her again, and I almost canceled my plans.  When she looked at me, her eyes… Continue reading Music Calms My Spirit

A Wet Kiss

My birthday lunch (2018)

This morning, I awoke to a tongue licking my face and it made me smile. If you’ve never experienced a wet, wake-up kiss before – I recommend that you get a dog. Cats are okay but they’re ‘wired’ differently than dogs, and they would rather ignore you. And today, Holly let me sleep until 5:00… Continue reading A Wet Kiss

Last Night’s Awesome Concert

There aren’t many singers still alive or rock bands together that I currently have on my bucket list to see live in concert, but Reginald Kenneth Dwight was definitely on the top of the list. So having a great seat at last night’s show at Rogers Arena in Vancouver was excellent! I had already graduated… Continue reading Last Night’s Awesome Concert