Empty Sidewalks on Tobacco Road

Home where Danny was born and raised

This is a continuation of a previously published story that I wrote in 2012.  Please read The Summer of ’66 before reading this story; otherwise, it won’t make much sense.  Thanks! ~ Hugs, Danny The road to Tobacco Road had sidewalks, but there were none on Vittoria Road – or at least, none on the… Continue reading Empty Sidewalks on Tobacco Road

The Barnston Island Challenge

I often go for walks without deciding where I’m going until I leave the house.  Although this may sound impulsive, I seldom, if ever, regret my choice.  But sometimes, getting to my destination is more of a challenge than the actual walk.  And yesterday’s decision to walk on Barnston Island is a perfect example.  Let… Continue reading The Barnston Island Challenge

Terror on 8th Avenue

Mountie on horse patrol in Langley

Originally published June 24, 2012 On my drive from Langley to White Rock this morning, I noticed several bright flares on both sides of the road ahead. As cars passed me from the opposite direction, I could see by the look of terror on their faces that something terrible must have just happened – but… Continue reading Terror on 8th Avenue

The Summer of ’66

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Originally published March 18, 2012   I never got homesick that first summer away from home in 1966; I was too busy growing up and learning how difficult life could be. It all began shortly after my friend Terry Hill (one of the ‘Hortop Boys‘ I hung around with) mentioned that he was going away… Continue reading The Summer of ’66