A Happy Ending

I was getting claustrophobic from being confined to my home for the past two weeks, so the drive to North Vancouver last Friday was a welcomed change. During my hibernation, I wrote about some of the pain and sadness in the following stories:  (click on each to view) Dear Connie has Passed Away story  … Continue reading A Happy Ending

An Empty Bucket List

In January 2010, I got a call from David McDonald, who was a film student at Simon Fraser University.  At the time, his graduating class was producing their final film project, and David wanted me to be in their film.  I was in his class’s first-year film project ‘Dead Air’ which was my first film… Continue reading An Empty Bucket List

Trouble in Paradise

Last night, while attending the Crazy 8’s Film Festival in Vancouver, I lost another tooth (the 8th since my radiation treatments).  I was chewing a piece of gum, and suddenly I felt a crunch.  It ruined my evening – I didn’t even go to the afterparty.   However, before leaving, my actor friend Angelo told me… Continue reading Trouble in Paradise