Three Shiny Marbles

This morning, while listening to an audiobook by Anita Moorjani, I took a break and did a tour of one of my favorite Facebook Groups (Empath Wellbeing Protocol) and read a comment about three red marbles by Brad Parker that brought tears to my eyes. Here is what Brad wrote: I was at the corner… Continue reading Three Shiny Marbles

Soul Medicine

This morning, I got an email from my buddy Robert.  It contained an animal video that absolutely surprised and delighted me. At first, I thought about sharing the video with my friends by email or social media.  But I wanted to share the video with a larger audience:  with you, my readers. After I viewed… Continue reading Soul Medicine

POETS (again)

New ped crossing barriers on the Promenade (March 29, 2019) Photo by Danny

If you’re a regular reader, you may have already seen this POETS acronym before – it stands for Piss On Everything Tomorrow’s Saturday.   I often say it and it never fails to leave a puzzled look on the person’s face until I explain – and then I’ll get a chuckle from them or they’ll ignore… Continue reading POETS (again)

A Toothless Fairy

There is often a situation when I’ve thought seriously about giving up on a particular dream, but there has always been a counter argument for continuing the chase.  I remember a saying I learned when I was little Danny – ‘I had no shoes and complained until I met a man who had no feet’.… Continue reading A Toothless Fairy

Tulips and Neptune

When I was growing up, if I was ever sad, or in a bad mood, people would often ask, “What’s wrong with you – get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?”  And back then, I shared a bedroom with three younger brothers.  I mention this only to point out that in those… Continue reading Tulips and Neptune

Do You Believe in Magic?

Santa at Castle Fun Park

It wasn’t going to be an easy day for me to be Santa Claus because I was having a difficult time trying to smile.  But it wasn’t because I’d be alone on Christmas Day.  And it wasn’t because I was feeling sorry for myself – I always prefer to see the glass, as half-full –… Continue reading Do You Believe in Magic?

Push For Your Tush

The title of this blog isn’t about any of the following: things to say while toilet training your toddler things to do while seated on the toilet things to say to yourself when constipated things to say while passing gas Nope, it’s the name of an exciting 5/10 km run/walk for colon cancer research. Yesterday, the… Continue reading Push For Your Tush

An Act of Kindness from SK49

I had just parked my car at the beach in White Rock, BC and was going through my usual checklist before starting my daily power walk on the Promenade.  It was a beautiful day, and I was wearing a jacket, shorts, and a t-shirt.  But as I got out of the car, I realized that… Continue reading An Act of Kindness from SK49

Terror on 8th Avenue

Mountie on horse patrol in Langley

Originally published June 24, 2012 On my drive from Langley to White Rock this morning, I noticed several bright flares on both sides of the road ahead. As cars passed me from the opposite direction, I could see by the look of terror on their faces that something terrible must have just happened – but… Continue reading Terror on 8th Avenue