A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day

Before I begin my Thanksgiving Day story, I want to announce a very special friend’s 81st birthday today. It’s ironic that my buddy Norm Colon (the southern Norm), gets to celebrate three special occasions today – because he lives in the USA and they celebrate Columbus Day.  Their Thanksgiving Day isn’t until next month. So,… Continue reading A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day

Birthday Greetings from LaConner

I began my day at 2:33 am, when Holly Golightly, my dog, woke me from a beautiful dream.  I was surprised that the scene of me winning a considerable lottery didn’t happen.  But my disappointment didn’t last long – because Holly’s tail was wagging like she hadn’t seen me in three weeks.  I can’t imagine… Continue reading Birthday Greetings from LaConner

Gifts of Love

Sannie and Jacob (Kuba) (2017)

I never expected to receive a Christmas gift this year, but I did.  I got two presents, and both came as a complete surprise.  They were the first gifts that I’ve received at Christmas, in a very long time and at first, I hesitated about opening them. But I’ll get back to the gifts of… Continue reading Gifts of Love

Route 66

The 12 clowns had just climbed out of the tiny VW Beetle, and the crowd of screaming kids yelled out for more.  I looked at the time – it was precisely 4:58 AM and my dog Holly was curled up at the foot of the bed.  I turned off the television and excitedly took my… Continue reading Route 66

A Love Story

Originally published June 15, 2012 On Wednesday morning, during my shift as a volunteer at the Cancer Centre, we learned that it was Margaret’s 75th Birthday.  Margaret is a retired nurse who volunteers at the Cancer Centre on Wednesday afternoons.  Margaret and her very good friend Hilary, who is also a retired nurse, take the… Continue reading A Love Story

Happy Birthday Alice

It’s Alice’s birthday today.  Alice is my sister-in-law and I love her very much.  She saved my brother Randy’s life about a dozen years ago when they were both single.  It’s a long story but he was very sick and had been mis-diagnosed by the witch doctors in the city of Mr. and Mrs. Auga.… Continue reading Happy Birthday Alice