A Last Goodbye

In February 2018, I wrote my Chasing a Dream story. In the story, I announced that I was separated from my wife Annette, after over forty years of being together. I do not like writing about very personal issues, especially because Annette is a very private person. However, we decided to stay in the home… Continue reading A Last Goodbye

Empty Sidewalks on Tobacco Road

Home where Danny was born and raised

This is a continuation of a previously published story that I wrote in 2012.  Please read The Summer of ’66 before reading this story; otherwise, it won’t make much sense.  Thanks! ~ Hugs, Danny The road to Tobacco Road had sidewalks, but there were none on Vittoria Road – or at least, none on the… Continue reading Empty Sidewalks on Tobacco Road

My First Pet

Old haunts...

Originally published February 24, 2012 I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love animals – particularly dogs. But the first pet that I owned wasn’t until my last year of high school in 1968/9. My family had moved from Oshawa to Georgetown that summer, but I decided to stay – because I was in… Continue reading My First Pet

Flashback to the 60’s: Loblaws & The House of the Rising Sun

Loblaws Grocery Stores

Originally published February 15, 2013 It was sometime during 1964 and I was desperate for a part-time job. I had given up my newspaper job at the Oshawa General Hospital (see My Best Newspaper Job blog) and I wasn’t interested in any more paper routes, shoveling snow or cutting lawns – been there, done that.… Continue reading Flashback to the 60’s: Loblaws & The House of the Rising Sun

A Perfect Kisser

Originally published January 31, 2012 Have you ever wondered what makes a person a perfect kisser? Whether you are single, married, straight, gay, or how much you love your current partner – everyone remembers a ‘perfect’ kiss.  And they’ll never forget from whom. But have you ever given any thought on how that person became… Continue reading A Perfect Kisser