A Memory Scan

You probably wonder where I have been for the past few weeks and what I have been doing. Answer:  Scanning hundreds of photographs from albums. Recently, I purchased a new printer/scanner, and I am sorting and then scanning each of the photos – one by one, to create a digital library of photos (by category).… Continue reading A Memory Scan

UFOs, UAPs, and Heat

Photo by Norm Colon

If you have been following the recent media coverage of the reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), you are probably puzzled by how widespread the reports are.  There were even reported sightings in Oshawa, Ontario and Bedford, Nova Scotia! Although I have not researched the topic, I do have several observations on the subject.… Continue reading UFOs, UAPs, and Heat

Court, Karaoke & the Biker Bar

Originally published February 10, 2012 Today, I am meeting my buddy Court for coffee at the Wired Monk Coffee House in Langley. Court lives on Vancouver Island but came to the Lower Mainland this week to attend a conference. Although we keep in touch by phone and email, I always enjoy the opportunity to meet… Continue reading Court, Karaoke & the Biker Bar