A Write to be Wrong

Today is Monday morning, October 26th, and the internet in my neck of the world (Langley) is not working. I planned to write a story about my twenty-year quest to brew the best cup of coffee ever (at home). It is a story that’s been percolating inside my hollow head for months, but I haven’t… Continue reading A Write to be Wrong

Aftershave & Talcum Powder

Originally published February 12, 2012 For several weeks during the summer of ’64, I was helping my dad build our family’s new cottage on Duck Lake, near Orville, Ontario. My family had been going to Duck Lake for summer vacations for several years – and we always stayed at my Uncle Fred’s cottage. He wasn’t… Continue reading Aftershave & Talcum Powder


Originally published February 11, 2012 I can’t remember how old I was when I first shaved, but I know it was before I started high school (the early ’60s).  I had a lot of “peach fuzz” on my cheeks and neck – certainly nothing resembling a beard – but I wanted to reach that particular… Continue reading Shaving