Four Versions

I have always loved music. I like most genres, except for opera – which I don’t understand.  Obviously, the artists are exceptionally talented, but I don’t enjoy that type of music. And learning the words to my favorite songs is something that I’ve always done, ever since first listening to music on a $6 transistor… Continue reading Four Versions

A Coffee Break

I have always loved waking up to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning. And there is always an energy boost from the caffeine to kick start my day. It leaves me with the feeling that an extraordinary person has just hugged me – and that makes me smile because I know it is… Continue reading A Coffee Break

Musical Fruit

Home where Danny was born and raised

Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot, the more you toot, the better you feel, so, eat your beans at every meal!  That was a poem that every kid learned as a rite of passage.  Actually, I’m referring to boys, not girls. Passing gas, passing wind, and tooting are… Continue reading Musical Fruit

A Baby Boom in Oshawa

The world is on fire and some of you are watching it burn on television.  Others are cocooned in their homes, with drapes drawn and a No Solicitors sign attached to the front door. People are fearful of the coronavirus pandemic and many are getting exhausted by the stress. Rather than isolating yourself from the… Continue reading A Baby Boom in Oshawa

A Smokin’ Gun

I started smoking in 1963, at the age of thirteen.  It was during my first year of high school. I started smoking because of several factors, namely: My dad and uncles all smoked.  My mom didn’t smoke, but she was exposed to second-hand smoke for most of her life. My family doctor smoked.  He always… Continue reading A Smokin’ Gun

Seventy Years Ago

Ma and me at the house I grew up in. (circa 1951)

On January 8th, seventy years ago, at precisely 10:30 in the morning, a scream of joy erupted from my tiny mouth as I gasped my first breath of life. I don’t know if I was a planned addition to the St. Andrews clan or not, but I always felt loved by my mom. My dad… Continue reading Seventy Years Ago

Any Gum, Chum?

Several years ago, I learned that during World War Two in England, children would ask the American soldiers for chewing gum by asking, “Any gum, chum?”  Bubble gum and other candies were not otherwise available to them. When I was very young, I remember my parents taking us to Niagara Falls for the day.  Next,… Continue reading Any Gum, Chum?

A Visit to my Hometown

Back Home Again

I was finally at the hotel in Mississauga, Ontario.  But I was exhausted from the long flight from Vancouver. “Good afternoon, sir!” chirped the lady at the front desk. “Oh, uh, yes,” I stuttered. “Your name please?” “It’s St. Andrews,” I replied. It had been a long flight from Vancouver – almost six hours –… Continue reading A Visit to my Hometown

Leaves, Fires, Chestnuts and the “F” Word

Today, I’m going to spend the afternoon raking leaves in the yard. As a young boy, I remember walking home from school with my buddies and playing in the large piles of leaves that people had raked to the edge of their boulevard/side of the road. In my neighborhood, almost every other house had a… Continue reading Leaves, Fires, Chestnuts and the “F” Word

Geneva Park

Geneva Park in Oshawa

Originally published March 12, 2012 I was going through some of my old records today. I found a box that contained a bunch of 45 RPMs that I hadn’t seen or listened to for years. I have an extensive collection of records but seldom play them because it’s easier to listen to CDs or tapes. … Continue reading Geneva Park