Ramblin’ Thoughts

Although I never write about religion or politics, and I try to avoid expressing negative thoughts in both my written and spoken words, I’ve decided to share one of my pet peeves with you – namely, self-service checkout counters at grocery stores. What mental lightweight came up with the idea of reducing lineups at cashier… Continue reading Ramblin’ Thoughts

Sticks and Stones

Little Danny (1952)

“Show me your friends, and I’ll know what you are!” ~ Grandma Puffer I remember hearing my dear Grandma Puffer telling me that, and I always believed her.  I can’t say for sure, but I’ll bet that she never told a lie.  And her daughter, who was my dear Ma, had lots of sayings, too. … Continue reading Sticks and Stones

Not a creature was stirring…

Santa in the Chemo Room Dec 24 2012

Originally published on December 24, 2012 It was the morning of Christmas Eve, and once again, it didn’t feel like Christmas. It had been years since I last celebrated Christmas – but I remember it well. It was in 1983 at my parents’ place in Midland, Ontario. My family always got together to celebrate Christmas… Continue reading Not a creature was stirring…

On the Nickel

The mystical Nickel (5 Cents) CANADA 1962 - I found on the Promenade in White Rock, BC

A few weeks ago, I found a nickel during my morning walk at the Promenade in White Rock. However, I didn’t realize the significance of that five-cent coin until today. That nickel awakened a quiet voice from within – which had been silent for many months. It’s not that I’ve been sulking or feeling sorry… Continue reading On the Nickel

Moonshine in the Maritimes – The Final Chapter

Danny & Ruth during her September 2015 visit to Vancouver.

Readers of this blog will remember my original Moonshine in the Maritimes story from November 8, 2016 –  a blog that was both painful to write and impossible for me to complete the final chapter. But all of that changed this morning. And now my heart is racing, and my legs are shaking in excitement. The… Continue reading Moonshine in the Maritimes – The Final Chapter

The Last Trick or Treat

It was October 31, 1959, and my friend Doug Bidgood and I had almost finished filling our shopping bags with tricks and treats and were excited about getting home to sort through all of our goodies. On previous Halloween’s we had dressed up as scary as we could manage – but couldn’t remember ever scaring… Continue reading The Last Trick or Treat

Last Night’s Awesome Concert

There aren’t many singers still alive or rock bands together that I currently have on my bucket list to see live in concert, but Reginald Kenneth Dwight was definitely on the top of the list. So having a great seat at last night’s show at Rogers Arena in Vancouver was excellent! I had already graduated… Continue reading Last Night’s Awesome Concert

Another Surprise!

This morning I got a pleasant surprise – a comment from one of the readers of my blog. And although I am always thrilled to receive comments about my stories (good or bad), they usually only come from friends or family members.  I mean, who else reads my blog? Who else would even be interested… Continue reading Another Surprise!

Warts and Witches

My Kichen Witch - still hanging after all these years!

Several weeks ago, I noticed that I had a ‘wart’ on one of my fingers.  It was tiny – about the size of a pinhead – and certainly nothing to worry about.  It wasn’t painful or itchy, and I’m sure that nobody would ever notice it, but the fact that I had another wart bothered… Continue reading Warts and Witches