My First Blind Date

I was finally moving into my new apartment, and it had only taken me a week to find it despite the numerous ‘No Vacancy’ signs hanging outside most of the high rises in the West End. It was on Alberni Street, a few feet from Stanley Park, and it had an excellent view of Coal… Continue reading My First Blind Date

Not a creature was stirring…

Santa in the Chemo Room Dec 24 2012

Originally published on December 24, 2012 It was the morning of Christmas Eve, and once again, it didn’t feel like Christmas. It had been years since I last celebrated Christmas – but I remember it well. It was in 1983 at my parents’ place in Midland, Ontario. My family always got together to celebrate Christmas… Continue reading Not a creature was stirring…

Last Night’s Awesome Concert

There aren’t many singers still alive or rock bands together that I currently have on my bucket list to see live in concert, but Reginald Kenneth Dwight was definitely on the top of the list. So having a great seat at last night’s show at Rogers Arena in Vancouver was excellent! I had already graduated… Continue reading Last Night’s Awesome Concert

Chips or French Fries?

Originally published May 31, 2012 Recently, I received an email, with a picture of a sign – of a famous fast food chain – which read: “Saying your kids are fat because of us….. is like saying it’s HOOTERS fault your husband likes big boobs!” Now I don’t want to upset you if you are… Continue reading Chips or French Fries?

Favourite Record Stores on Yonge Street

Originally published December 8, 2012  In the mid-70’s, my buddies and I would drive to Yonge Street in Toronto – just to buy record albums.  We would go every couple of months (when we were “flush with cash”) and would spend most of the day checking out LPs at both Sam The Record Man and… Continue reading Favourite Record Stores on Yonge Street