Under the Knife

It was after I woke up at 5:30 AM on Thursday and let Holly outside to do her business – that I felt the sharp pangs of withdrawal.  Not the type of withdrawal associated with heroin or other drugs. My addiction is coffee.  I usually have two large cups of coffee each morning, and that… Continue reading Under the Knife

A Last Goodbye

In February 2018, I wrote my Chasing a Dream story. In the story, I announced that I was separated from my wife Annette, after over forty years of being together. I do not like writing about very personal issues, especially because Annette is a very private person. However, we decided to stay in the home… Continue reading A Last Goodbye

Footsteps to Remember

A few years ago, some friends and I walked around Burnaby Lake and came across a gaggle of geese. I’m not sure who told me that a group or flock of geese is called a gaggle, but it was probably my gal pal, Agnes.  She’s one of the smartest people I know – and I… Continue reading Footsteps to Remember

A Fifty Dollar Walk

I had just returned from the walk at Skagit River Park and was trying to convince Holly that I would never leave home again unless it’s to go shopping for treats for her.  And I couldn’t check my laptop for messages because she was sitting on my lap – staring at me in an ice-cold showdown… Continue reading A Fifty Dollar Walk

The Tush Man – Part 2 of 2

Note:  Please read Part 1 before reading this. The very next day I got a call from the Tush Man’s office advising me that my exorcism (colonoscopy) is on Thursday, July 16th.  They also gave me instructions on the medications that I needed to purchase and that I would have to fast – and have… Continue reading The Tush Man – Part 2 of 2

Another Surprise!

This morning I got a pleasant surprise – a comment from one of the readers of my blog. And although I am always thrilled to receive comments about my stories (good or bad), they usually only come from friends or family members.  I mean, who else reads my blog? Who else would even be interested… Continue reading Another Surprise!

But I Couldn’t

Ma and me at the house I grew up in. (circa 1951)

Hi Ma, It’s your 91st birthday today, and I wanted to buy you something extraordinary – but I couldn’t. I was also going to send you two birthday cards – one loving and one humorous – but I couldn’t. And I also wanted to give you a call and wish you a Happy Birthday and… Continue reading But I Couldn’t

Phood Phor Thought

Phor years I’ve tried to phigure the difference between words beginning with the letter ‘F’ and those beginning with ‘Ph’.  I mean, how drunk was the person who invented the English language when they got to the phork in the road where they had to decide between ‘F’ or ‘Ph’?  And what exactly were they… Continue reading Phood Phor Thought