Everyone Needs A Hero

Suzette and Danny at Vancouver Web Fest 2016

Hey, there’s a poker game I’ve been playing – where a pair always beats a royal flush. If you’ve ever played poker, you’re probably scratching your head and wondering how I could ever make such a false claim? It goes back to 2009 when I entered the hospital during the last week of my radiation… Continue reading Everyone Needs A Hero

A Happy Ending

I was getting claustrophobic from being confined to my home for the past two weeks, so the drive to North Vancouver last Friday was a welcomed change. During my hibernation, I wrote about some of the pain and sadness in the following stories:  (click on each to view) Dear Connie has Passed Away story  … Continue reading A Happy Ending

A Brainstorm

Today, Suzette is getting ready for the next scene in her life story and the set is an operating room at Lions Gate Memorial Hospital, in North Vancouver. You may remember that I wrote about her in a blog last December.  Suzette had been rushed to Vancouver General Hospital and was awaiting brain surgery.  They… Continue reading A Brainstorm

An Empty Bucket List

In January 2010, I got a call from David McDonald, who was a film student at Simon Fraser University.  At the time, his graduating class was producing their final film project, and David wanted me to be in their film.  I was in his class’s first-year film project ‘Dead Air’ which was my first film… Continue reading An Empty Bucket List