Danny’s Videos

These are some of the video clips that I’ve saved over the years… hope that you find them entertaining.  I’ll be adding a few video clips each day.

North of 49 TV Show – March 2010 (five months after my cancer treatments).

Click this link:  North of 49 TV Show – Part 1 of 4

Click this link:  North of 49 TV Show – Part 2 of 4

Click this link: North of 49 TV Show – Part 3 of 4

Click this link:  North of 49 TV Show – Part 4 of 4

Last Chance Casting Web Series (2011)  ( was an actor in this series)

I’ve combined all 10 episodes onto one playlist – the credits roll after each episode.  Also – be sure to hit the Play All button and view in Full Screen.  You’ll recognize some of the talented performers I had the pleasure to work with.  The web series was a Top Finalist in the LA Web Festival in March 2013

Click this link: Last Chance Casting Web Series

Brothers Ricky and Danny  (reunion) – September 2015

Click this link:  Ricky and Danny’s reunion

UBC Dentistry – Oral Cancer presentation – January 2016

Click this link:  Danny’s cancer patient presentation

Women’s March  (Bellingham, WA) – January 2017

Click this link:  Womxn’s March on Washington

The Promenade in White Rock – January 2017

Click this link:  The Promenade at sunrise

CN Tower Edge Walk – April 2017 

Click this link:  CN Tower Edge Walk – Part 1 of 4

Click this link:  CN Tower Edge Walk – Part 2 of 4

Click this link:  CN Tower Edge Walk – Part 3 of 4

Click this link:  CN Tower Edge Walk – Part 4 of 4

Labor Day Weekend at the Pier – September 4, 2017

Click this link:  Pier Doodles in the Sand

Terry Fox Walk – September 17, 2017

Click this link:  Terry Fox Walk (2017)

Ellen Suarez Farewell Lunch – September 21, 2017

Click this link:  Ellen Suarez Farewell Lunch

Toronto Policeman – January 11, 2018

Click this link:  Toronto Policeman

Mother’s Day with Connie and Ralph – May 13, 2018

Click this link:  Mother’s Day with Connie

My Feathered Friend – August 5, 2018

Click this link:  My Feathered Pal

YoYo demo, Friday Harbor ferry – April 5, 2019

Click this link:  Awesome yo-yo demonstration

Vancouver Mural Festival – August 11, 2019

Click this link:  Mural Festival

My Animal Pals – Updated: October 10, 2019

Click this link:  Animal Pals

My Gal Pal Betty – Updated: October 11, 2019

Click this link:  Betty the volunteer

Radiation Therapy Department visit – November 15, 2019

Click this link:  Radiation Therapy Department visit


To be continued…



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