A Perfect Kisser

Originally published January 31, 2012 Have you ever wondered what makes a person a perfect kisser? Whether you are single, married, straight, gay, or how much you love your current partner – everyone remembers a ‘perfect’ kiss.  And they’ll never forget from whom. But have you ever given any thought on how that person became… Continue reading A Perfect Kisser

Court, Karaoke & the Biker Bar

Originally published February 10, 2012 Today, I am meeting my buddy Court for coffee at the Wired Monk Coffee House in Langley. Court lives on Vancouver Island but came to the Lower Mainland this week to attend a conference. Although we keep in touch by phone and email, I always enjoy the opportunity to meet… Continue reading Court, Karaoke & the Biker Bar

My Best Pickup Line

Originally published January 26, 2012 Okay, Danny, why would you write a blog about the best pickup lines? While looking at myself in the mirror this morning, I shuddered at how much older my physical body had become – compared to my real self.  You know – the ‘real’ you that never ages. A wise… Continue reading My Best Pickup Line

If the Shoe Fits

Originally published January 29, 2012 Today I went to the local mall to buy a pair of shoes. Walking through the mall, I had a flashback to when I worked part-time at an Agnew Surpass shoe store in the 1960s.   I worked there part-time on Thursday and Friday evenings and all day Saturday. In 1968,… Continue reading If the Shoe Fits

Volunteering at the BC Cancer Centre

Originally published January 22, 2012 In June 2009, I was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer and given a 40% chance of surviving if I underwent both radiation (37 days) and three rounds of intensive chemo treatments. The radiation treatments were brutal – I spent several weeks in hospital – and I am still suffering… Continue reading Volunteering at the BC Cancer Centre