Photo Gallery

My earliest photo

Danny (1951/2)

Danny (1952)

Top:Linda, Terry, Sandra, Me, Patsy, Leslie, Jack, & Freddy (cousins)

At North Simcoe School with brother Freddy

My first bike (used)

High School 1967-68

Christmas at parents' place in Georgetown

Danny & Annette 1978-2016
Danny, Annette, Alice, and Peter

At the cottage in Parry Sound, Ontario

With brother Freddy at niece's baptism

Cousin Donna during a visit at my parent's place in Georgetown (1972)

With cousin Patty in Calgary (1974)

Jesse James (1977-1986)

Dad's older sister at a family gathering in Pentiction in 1988.

On a sail to Vancouver Island (1988)

Our boat was a 26 ft. San Juan and I shared ownership with two friends

With older sister Leslie (1989)

Dad loved steering the sailboat on English Bay during a visit (1988)

Coffee with best friend Court Brooker in Langley (2008)

Cousin Alan at mom's place in Oshawa (2002)

Holly Golightly - she's a Coton de Tulear at 4 mos. (2008)

Hiding behind Danny in 2008

Getting zapped by radiation - 2 times at 7 spots around my throat area

I wore this during 37 daily treatments - I still have the mask

Reunion with Anethea, a radiation therapist who gave me the daily treatments

With Holly after cancer treatments ended (Nov 2009)

Mom's 85th birthday - she passed two years later.

Santa Danny at Santa Claus get together in 2012

Santa Danny's first appearance at Chemotherapy Room (December 2012)

At the inaugural Vancouver Web Festival (2014)

Headshot 2014

Headshot 2014

At Oral Dentistry on 65th birthday

As a mobster in the film Dead Simple (2015)

With Pat & Harinder walking (May 2015)

Keynote speaker at cancer fundraiser (2015 & 2016)

With singer Amanda Wood at a cancer fundraiser (2015)

Visiting the home where I was born and raised in Oshawa (2015)

An old haunt in Oshawa

At Qualicum Beach (August 2015)

Reunion with Vicky the radiation therapist (my 40% survival story)

Cancer Fundraiser walk (2015)

With Lui Pasaglia

Half-way marker

Dancing with Marie - street vendor in Montreal - bought 2 of her hand made bracelets (October 2015)

Santa Danny with Bob & Ferret Bueller at Urban Safari Rescue Society (November 2015)

At oral dentistry department of cancer centre

Santa Danny at North Shore Neighborhood House with Sue Hunt

Visiting schools to teach children the value of giving

Dental professionals at cancer centre

Keynote speaker at UBC Dentistry Research Day (2016)

Volunteering at the cancer center where I was treated

A selfie - my first

Mom and Dad's place in Oshawa, Ontario

Maurice, Gerry and Allan (Spanky) at a reunion

Gal pal Connie on Mother's Day 2018

She passed on September 13, 2019

Connie's son Ralph who lives in Edmonton (my adopted brother)

Verni, Connie and Brenda at Ambleside in 2018

Care Dog Findley RIP

Headshot 2020

Headshot 2020

Headshot 2020

Headshot 2020

Headshot 2020

At Kevin Clark Studios

Kevin's wife Tricia does hair and makeup (she's beautiful but shy)

I get new ones every two years, the latest without a mustache

Kevin's done all of my headshots since 2007

With Mouna, my gorgeous dentist

Watcom Falls, Washington

NW Tulip Trekkers

Tony 'n Tina's Wedding Show - I was Tony Nunzio Sr.

Tony 'n Tina's Wedding Show

Tom, Danny & Norm (oldest teenagers) at a Holly Tree

Margaret added beauty to the walk

Phillip, Rita, Agnes, and Lawrence at Expo torches

White Rock Pier is always a thrill to walk

And the Promenade in White Rock is the icing on the cake!

On my eleventh anniversary from cancer treatments

These Radiation Therapists save lives every day!

Hard not to fall in love with them...

A dear friend with a million dollar smile

It is always nice to visit the same room where I had my treatments

One of my first gigs after the cancer treatments

Last Chance Casting movie - my first movie role after cancer

Rosie, a live tarantula, during a break in filming of Last Chance Casting movie

Suzette was one of the producers of the movie

The cast of the movie Last Chance Casting - it's now a web series

Suzette and Brad were great to work with and so were my fellow cast members.

With Suzette who is the founder of the Vancouver Web Festival

Another bird to love at the Vancouver Web Festival (2015)

This is my worldwide ranking on the IMDb site

Love walking at Garry Point in Richmond

Four-legged Oreo Cookies at Garry Point Park

Actually, they're Dutch Belted cows (from the Netherlands)

August 10, 2020 - sunbathing nude for first time at Wreck Beach

Sunbathers enjoying the sun - photo by Pete

A sunset at Wreck Beach - photo by Pete

Sannie and me on the Sunshine Coast (Sept 19, 2020)

Breakfast on the ferry on our way to Langdale

Drinking my nutrition shake for breakfast

Happy to be in Gibson's Landing - the first attraction...

was the Holy Crap Cereal factory

Beautiful smile - beautiful heart!

Love walking on piers

My nickname for Sannie is 'sweetheart' - the name suits her

Sannie's nickname for me is Grandpa - the name suits me

In Roberts Creek - stunning rock formations

Not sure what the name of this plant is but its leaf is larger than Sannie

Famous site of the Beachcombers television show ('60s)

Filming a tv commercial

Camden & Danny

October 17, 2020

Mom & Dad's place in Oshawa, Ontario

November 2, 2020 walk

at the Promenade

at the train station

in White Rock, BC

November 5, 2020 walk

in Spanish Banks...

unusual driftwood...

resembling furniture...

doesn't it look like a chair?

... it's why I walk

Got this in 1966

December 10, 2020, I decided

to get a name put on it...

Mike, the artist

suggested a complete

makeover of the tattoo

and created some magic...

with this tribute to my dog Holly

thanks, Mike!!!

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