A September Surprise

Many of the people I have known and loved over the years were born or died in September.  But September 13th is an extraordinary day – because the girl I was married to for over 40 years was born on this day. Happy birthday, Annette! Yes, we are still friends – but more like brother… Continue reading A September Surprise

A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day

Before I begin my Thanksgiving Day story, I want to announce a very special friend’s 81st birthday today. It’s ironic that my buddy Norm Colon (the southern Norm), gets to celebrate three special occasions today – because he lives in the USA and they celebrate Columbus Day.  Their Thanksgiving Day isn’t until next month. So,… Continue reading A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day

What’s In A Name?

Connie & Danny on a Mothers Day walk 2018

Connie MacLean and I had been friends for a couple of years before learning one of her best-kept secrets. But I would never share her secret with anyone because I, too, had a similar secret. And when you’re forced to share your secret with another person – it is natural to want to know one… Continue reading What’s In A Name?

Dear Connie has Passed Away

Connie & Danny on a Mothers Day walk 2018

This morning, my dear friend Connie MacLean passed away peacefully. I kept her illness confidential at her request, although her closest friends knew of her illness these past several months.  Ralph, her son, called me to give the sad news.  I told him that I wanted to write a story about her but would need… Continue reading Dear Connie has Passed Away

Happy Mother’s Day!

Connie and Ralph

Yesterday, I went for a walk in Gates Park, Port Coquitlam, and enjoyed the weather and the great friends in the Surrey Trekkers Volkssport Walking Club. But I was tired and figured that I’d pass on the Sunday walk in Stanley Park. But Holly woke me up at 2:30 AM this morning to let her… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!