White Rock Pier – after the storm

You’ve probably already seen the news coverage of Thursday’s storm destroying a middle section of the world-famous White Rock Pier, in White Rock.  In the event that you haven’t – here’s a video clip of the CTV News coverage:  White Rock Pier collapses – video And now you’re wondering how the pier looks – the day after.  Well, it just… Continue reading White Rock Pier – after the storm

A False Creek Story

Although I’d been up for a couple of hours, I didn’t want to call my friend Philip too early, in case he was still asleep.  But I suspect that he’s an early riser like me (except he doesn’t have a playful dog waking him).  So, at about 7:15 am, I gave him a call to… Continue reading A False Creek Story

This and That

On Wednesday, I had my last hyperbaric oxygen therapy session, and I wanted to celebrate the occasion by doing something exciting and memorable.   For some people, the celebration might be to treat themselves to a few cold ones at the pub.  For others, the choice might be to go shopping for something special to reward themselves. … Continue reading This and That

Notes from the North Pole

In 2009, I was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer and given only a 40% chance of surviving.  Not knowing how much time I had left and the fact that I hadn’t celebrated Christmas for many years – I  wanted to see if I could get that same holiday spirit that I used to get when I… Continue reading Notes from the North Pole

Another Bad Day

Several months ago, I had another tooth extracted by an oral surgeon.   The thirty-seven days of radiation therapy destroyed much of my salivary glands, which produces saliva.  And saliva is the way that the body fights bacteria in the mouth, which leads to tooth decay.  Because of this, I’ve lost 12 teeth since my cancer… Continue reading Another Bad Day

Goodbye, So Long, Goodbye!

Just a short message to my devoted readers.  Today, I decided to delete my Facebook account.  I don’t trust this social platform to protect my personal information, and the latest hack of Facebook was the final straw.  It may take 14 days for the deletions to take effect. But this doesn’t mean you won’t be… Continue reading Goodbye, So Long, Goodbye!

A ‘Nooner’ at the Nat

There was a time, some sixty years ago, that I believed that most families had lives like the Cleaver family, of Leave It To Beaver fame.  Mrs. Cleaver would often be seen vacuuming the floor in her dress and ‘high heels’ wearing a pearl necklace and full-makeup.  And Mr. Cleaver, mostly wore suits and ties,… Continue reading A ‘Nooner’ at the Nat

A Smokin’ Story

The 99B bus was coming into view, and the guy standing beside me at the bus stop had just lit a cigarette.  As I was putting some distance between us, I watched with interest as the man began taking fast, short puffs – with his fingers holding the cigarette against his lips the whole time!… Continue reading A Smokin’ Story

A morning in LaConner

The first time I heard about LaConner, Washington, was about a year ago.  A friend had spent some time there and said that it was a ‘cool’ town.  I”ve always viewed ‘word of mouth’ testimonials to be the most accurate, as opposed to advertisements or commercials. So when I got this week’s walk schedule from… Continue reading A morning in LaConner

The Birdman of Ambleside

Every once in a while, I’ll hop in my car and head out on the road – with no particular destination in mind.  Today, there’s a Pride Day Parade in the downtown Vancouver area, and they’re expecting hundreds of thousands of participants and onlookers.  The Prime Minister of Canada is attending this year’s parade.  But I… Continue reading The Birdman of Ambleside