Helmets, Dogs, and Orchids

Last night, before I went to bed, I briefly talked with my two new orchids. I told them to get acquainted with each other and try to like each other, despite the difference in their color. I felt kind of silly, but several friends told me that orchids require lots of love and attention.  And… Continue reading Helmets, Dogs, and Orchids

Now I Know…

My new bike (used)

I Now Know… That the Covid19 pandemic created a new market for the manufacturers of plastic dividers for social distancing. That many stores now offer a store pickup option.  You order online and then drive to the store to pick up the item(s).  There is no need to walk through the store looking for the… Continue reading Now I Know…

A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day

Before I begin my Thanksgiving Day story, I want to announce a very special friend’s 81st birthday today. It’s ironic that my buddy Norm Colon (the southern Norm), gets to celebrate three special occasions today – because he lives in the USA and they celebrate Columbus Day.  Their Thanksgiving Day isn’t until next month. So,… Continue reading A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day

The Barnston Island Challenge

I often go for walks without deciding where I’m going until I leave the house.  Although this may sound impulsive, I seldom, if ever, regret my choice.  But sometimes, getting to my destination is more of a challenge than the actual walk.  And yesterday’s decision to walk on Barnston Island is a perfect example.  Let… Continue reading The Barnston Island Challenge

A Prayer for Holly

My Holly Golightly - she's a Coton de Tulear

A few days ago, I took Holly to Gail’s place to get groomed.  I usually take her every six weeks or so, and Gail is always happy to see us when we arrive.  But a few hours later, when I came to pick Holly up, Gail wasn’t smiling.  She had a concerned look on her… Continue reading A Prayer for Holly

Animal Pals

If you’re a friend or a regular reader (or both), you already know that I love all animals, particularly dogs.  And if you’ve ever walked with me, you also know how much I enjoy taking their picture or video. So this morning, over a few cups of coffee, Holly and I picked out a few… Continue reading Animal Pals

Ramblin’ Thoughts

Although I never write about religion or politics, and I try to avoid expressing negative thoughts in both my written and spoken words, I’ve decided to share one of my pet peeves with you – namely, self-service checkout counters at grocery stores. What mental lightweight came up with the idea of reducing lineups at cashier… Continue reading Ramblin’ Thoughts

Route 66

The 12 clowns had just climbed out of the tiny VW Beetle, and the crowd of screaming kids yelled out for more.  I looked at the time – it was precisely 4:58 AM and my dog Holly was curled up at the foot of the bed.  I turned off the television and excitedly took my… Continue reading Route 66

Terror & Tremblin’ in Langley

My Holly Golightly - she's a Coton de Tulear

Regular readers of this blog know that Holly is one of the loves of my life.  She is seven years old, smart but at times, stubborn.  Yesterday, that stubbornness almost led to tragedy. I had just returned from the States in the early afternoon and was getting Holly ready to go to Gail the groomer,… Continue reading Terror & Tremblin’ in Langley

Pinch me – please!

Fraser Valley Cancer Centre

Originally published October 19, 2012 My morning drive to work (volunteering at the Fraser Valley Cancer Center in Surrey) began like many other commutes I had taken over the past year.  I was treated at the center in 2009, as a stage three cancer patient. Suddenly, things started to get weird when I heard a… Continue reading Pinch me – please!