Music Calms My Spirit

I had just got home from the doctor’s office and was getting ready to go to Gastown to watch Adrienne and her band perform at the Guilt & Co pub.  Holly was making a fuss, sensing that I was leaving her again, and I almost canceled my plans.  When she looked at me, her eyes… Continue reading Music Calms My Spirit

A Vanilla Leaf

Danny, Darlene, and Mary Photo by Beverly

A few weeks ago, I was walking with one of my Meetup groups at the Campbell Valley Regional Park in Langley, and I noticed that one of the ladies was holding two large leaves in her hand.  I asked her about the leaves, and she told me that they were known as ‘Vanilla Leaf.’ “This… Continue reading A Vanilla Leaf

One More Walk

Terry Fox - he saved my life!

In September 1981, I ran in the inaugural Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research.  I was thirty-one years old and living the dream in Oshawa, Ontario.  At that time, I didn’t know anybody who had the disease, but this young man’s Marathon of Hope touched me, and I wanted to raise money in his memory.… Continue reading One More Walk

CANCER: My Third Anniversary – Part 4 of 4

Originally published August 27, 2012 Please read Parts 1, 2, and 3 before reading this  Monday, August 18, 2009 Oncology Floor 51N – Surrey Memorial Hospital I was awake most of the night (worrying) and had just started to fall back asleep when the nurse came into my room.  I looked at my watch –… Continue reading CANCER: My Third Anniversary – Part 4 of 4

Cancer: My Third Anniversary – Part 2 of 4

Fraser Valley Cancer Centre

Originally published August 21, 2012 NOTE:  Please read Part 1 before reading this. The 2-week wait for Dr. Maharaj’s office to reopen was certainly on the top of my list of frustrations. Not being able to control one’s destiny is at, or near, the top of that list.  You know – it’s the circumstances that are… Continue reading Cancer: My Third Anniversary – Part 2 of 4