But I Couldn’t

Ma and me at the house I grew up in. (circa 1951)

Hi Ma, It’s your 91st birthday today, and I wanted to buy you something extraordinary – but I couldn’t. I was also going to send you two birthday cards – one loving and one humorous – but I couldn’t. And I also wanted to give you a call and wish you a Happy Birthday and… Continue reading But I Couldn’t

Eleven – O – One

Photo credit: Raglan Chronicle

Originally published November 11, 2012 It must have caused quite a commotion when he arrived in this world. Come to think of it; I’ve never heard of it before – being born with different colored eyes.  But it’s true – although I never saw them myself.  His wife told me about them. She also told… Continue reading Eleven – O – One

CANCER: My Third Anniversary – Part 4 of 4

Originally published August 27, 2012 Please read Parts 1, 2, and 3 before reading this  Monday, August 18, 2009 Oncology Floor 51N – Surrey Memorial Hospital I was awake most of the night (worrying) and had just started to fall back asleep when the nurse came into my room.  I looked at my watch –… Continue reading CANCER: My Third Anniversary – Part 4 of 4

Forever & Ever

Originally published February 14, 2012 Several of my previous blogs have been stories that included either my Mom, Dad, or both.  Although they are no longer living (Dad passed in 2001 & Mom passed in 2010), they are still very much alive in both my heart and mind.  The heartache never goes away – and it shouldn’t.… Continue reading Forever & Ever