A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day

Before I begin my Thanksgiving Day story, I want to announce a very special friend’s 81st birthday today. It’s ironic that my buddy Norm Colon (the southern Norm), gets to celebrate three special occasions today – because he lives in the USA and they celebrate Columbus Day.  Their Thanksgiving Day isn’t until next month. So,… Continue reading A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day

Skagit River Park Walk

I was standing near the corner of the street, with three of my gal pals, in downtown Burlington, Washington, when I suddenly noticed something I had never seen before – a solar-powered garbage can.  Now you’re probably more interested in why I was alone in the States, with three gal pals – more than hearing… Continue reading Skagit River Park Walk

Tulips and Neptune

When I was growing up, if I was ever sad, or in a bad mood, people would often ask, “What’s wrong with you – get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?”  And back then, I shared a bedroom with three younger brothers.  I mention this only to point out that in those… Continue reading Tulips and Neptune