Seventy Years Ago

Ma and me at the house I grew up in. (circa 1951)

On January 8th, seventy years ago, at precisely 10:30 in the morning, a scream of joy erupted from my tiny mouth as I gasped my first breath of life. I don’t know if I was a planned addition to the St. Andrews clan or not, but I always felt loved by my mom. My dad… Continue reading Seventy Years Ago

Warts and Witches

My Kichen Witch - still hanging after all these years!

Several weeks ago, I noticed that I had a ‘wart’ on one of my fingers.  It was tiny – about the size of a pinhead – and certainly nothing to worry about.  It wasn’t painful or itchy, and I’m sure that nobody would ever notice it, but the fact that I had another wart bothered… Continue reading Warts and Witches