Dream Catcher

On April 20, 2021, I decided to find another dream to chase at Tiffany’s store in Vancouver. Readers of this site may recall my My Holly Golightly and Audrey Hepburn story, which I wrote in 2008 and later updated in 2012. It might surprise you to learn that I have continued to dream about Audrey… Continue reading Dream Catcher

A Last Goodbye

In February 2018, I wrote my Chasing a Dream story. In the story, I announced that I was separated from my wife Annette, after over forty years of being together. I do not like writing about very personal issues, especially because Annette is a very private person. However, we decided to stay in the home… Continue reading A Last Goodbye

Chasing a Dream

Back Home Again

During the Spring of 2017, I separated from a forty year marriage and began planning a new life for Holly Golightly and me.  And as much as it pains me to write about such a private matter, I wanted to be very clear about one thing – it was not because of infidelity or anything nasty… Continue reading Chasing a Dream

A Visit to my Hometown

Back Home Again

I was finally at the hotel in Mississauga, Ontario.  But I was exhausted from the long flight from Vancouver. “Good afternoon, sir!” chirped the lady at the front desk. “Oh, uh, yes,” I stuttered. “Your name please?” “It’s St. Andrews,” I replied. It had been a long flight from Vancouver – almost six hours –… Continue reading A Visit to my Hometown

My First Date in 40 Years – Part 1 of 2

I was getting nervous about this, my first date in almost 40 years. And here’s how it all happened. Saturday, June 13th Although we had seen each other a few times in the past 20+ years – we were always in the company of other people. But this was different – we had been chatting… Continue reading My First Date in 40 Years – Part 1 of 2

My First Pet

Old haunts...

Originally published February 24, 2012 I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love animals – particularly dogs. But the first pet that I owned wasn’t until my last year of high school in 1968/9. My family had moved from Oshawa to Georgetown that summer, but I decided to stay – because I was in… Continue reading My First Pet

Favourite Record Stores on Yonge Street

Originally published December 8, 2012  In the mid-70’s, my buddies and I would drive to Yonge Street in Toronto – just to buy record albums.  We would go every couple of months (when we were “flush with cash”) and would spend most of the day checking out LPs at both Sam The Record Man and… Continue reading Favourite Record Stores on Yonge Street

Another Love Story – 1969

Originally published July 26, 2012 Although I wasn’t planning to write any more blog posts until the Fall, my mind suddenly began to wander back to the ’60’s – to my one, and only visit Washington, DC. It was going to be a weekend full of surprises in the Land of the Free. But it… Continue reading Another Love Story – 1969