A Short Straw

Danny (1976) at the cottage

This morning, I was running errands around town.  And at each store, when approaching the cashier, I offered the following comment: Looks like you pulled the short straw! And each time I mentioned it, I got a puzzled look in reply. It was as though the cashiers (male and female) didn’t understand what I meant.… Continue reading A Short Straw

Moonlight, S’mores & Spit

‘Living in the dark ages’ has always been a favorite ‘comeback’ for millennials to say when asked a reasonable question by an elder.  So when I read the Bellingham Trails Meetup notice about an upcoming ‘moonlight and s’mores walk, on the shores of the Semiahmoo Spit this week, I was both confused and intrigued.  Am… Continue reading Moonlight, S’mores & Spit

Ramblin’ Thoughts

Although I never write about religion or politics, and I try to avoid expressing negative thoughts in both my written and spoken words, I’ve decided to share one of my pet peeves with you – namely, self-service checkout counters at grocery stores. What mental lightweight came up with the idea of reducing lineups at cashier… Continue reading Ramblin’ Thoughts

A Fifty Dollar Walk

I had just returned from the walk at Skagit River Park and was trying to convince Holly that I would never leave home again unless it’s to go shopping for treats for her.  And I couldn’t check my laptop for messages because she was sitting on my lap – staring at me in an ice-cold showdown… Continue reading A Fifty Dollar Walk

Skagit River Park Walk

I was standing near the corner of the street, with three of my gal pals, in downtown Burlington, Washington, when I suddenly noticed something I had never seen before – a solar-powered garbage can.  Now you’re probably more interested in why I was alone in the States, with three gal pals – more than hearing… Continue reading Skagit River Park Walk

Saturday morning walk in Vancouver

Vancouver's Inukshuk (January 12, 2019) Photo by Danny

I left the house at 5:15 am on Saturday morning, to meet Philip and Lawrence at the Urban Fare in Yaletown, which is the trendy part of downtown Vancouver where Philip and other affluent hipsters reside.   Lawrence and I were coming from the burbs – by train.  I caught the Canada Line from the Bridgeport station… Continue reading Saturday morning walk in Vancouver

Tulips and Neptune

When I was growing up, if I was ever sad, or in a bad mood, people would often ask, “What’s wrong with you – get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?”  And back then, I shared a bedroom with three younger brothers.  I mention this only to point out that in those… Continue reading Tulips and Neptune

A ‘Nooner’ at the Nat

There was a time, some sixty years ago, that I believed that most families had lives like the Cleaver family, of Leave It To Beaver fame.  Mrs. Cleaver would often be seen vacuuming the floor in her dress and ‘high heels’ wearing a pearl necklace and full-makeup.  And Mr. Cleaver, mostly wore suits and ties,… Continue reading A ‘Nooner’ at the Nat