Doctors, Dogs, and Veterinarians

Holly at 4 months

I went for my physical exam yesterday, and I really like my new doctor. She weighed me, and I was 152 lbs. I cannot remember ever weighing less than 165 lbs. That was when I was in high school. The doctor spent a lot of time with me, and her interview was in-depth. She has… Continue reading Doctors, Dogs, and Veterinarians

Another POETS Acronym

Regular readers of this site are already familiar with my original POETS acronym story – Piss On Everything Tomorrow’s Saturday! It was something to remember on Fridays – especially the Fridays that were not going well. Essentially, it gave hope that tomorrow will be a better day. But today, my Holly Golightly gave a new… Continue reading Another POETS Acronym

Holly’s Boo Boo

Holly Golightly hiding behind Danny

Although it was not Friday the 13th, it sure felt like it was. It used to be that Friday was a cause for celebration because it signaled the beginning of the weekend.  And kids going to school and their working parents all look forward to the best workday of the week. But after you retire,… Continue reading Holly’s Boo Boo

My daddy,

My Holly Golightly - she's a Coton de Tulear

MYe daddie is playin in the bathh witout me and now I can wrote you sumthing about him.  He’s losing hair and is old and he doesn’t ‘member wear heputs his stuff and I havtokeep from laughing at him. He tuke me to bad man withabeard and left me there all day wit him and… Continue reading My daddy,

Worried Again

The roller coaster was climbing slowly up the hill and when it reached the peak – it almost touched the clouds.  Children were screaming with delight – arms waving in the air – eyes sparkling with excitement, while seniors were filling their Depends with assorted bodily fluids.  But as the aging ride reached the bottom,… Continue reading Worried Again