A Long Sentence

This was the first year that I did not go to the police station to get my fingerprints taken, as I do each year, to confirm that I do not have a criminal record and that allows me, as Santa Claus, to show parents and others responsible for children’s welfare, that their charges are safe… Continue reading A Long Sentence

What’s In A Name?

Best Friends Forever!

Connie MacLean and I had been friends for a couple of years before I learned one of her best-kept secrets. But I would never share her secret with anyone because I, too, had a similar secret. And when you’re forced to share your secret with another person – it is natural to want to know… Continue reading What’s In A Name?

Notes from the North Pole

In 2009, I was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer and given only a 40% chance of surviving.  Not knowing how much time I had left and the fact that I hadn’t celebrated Christmas for many years – I  wanted to see if I could get that same holiday spirit that I used to get when I… Continue reading Notes from the North Pole

Not a creature was stirring…

Santa in the Chemo Room Dec 24 2012

Originally published on December 24, 2012 It was the morning of Christmas Eve, and once again, it didn’t feel like Christmas. It had been years since I last celebrated Christmas – but I remember it well. It was in 1983 at my parents’ place in Midland, Ontario. My family always got together to celebrate Christmas… Continue reading Not a creature was stirring…

On the Nickel

The mystical Nickel (5 Cents) CANADA 1962 - I found on the Promenade in White Rock, BC

A few weeks ago, I found a nickel during my morning walk at the Promenade, in White Rock. However, I didn’t realize the significance of that five-cent coin, until today. That nickel awakened a quiet voice from within – which had been silent for many months. It’s not that I’ve been sulking or feeling sorry… Continue reading On the Nickel

Danny goes to Camp!

“In the dark of the broad daylight, I promise I’ll be there” ~ For Whom the Bell Tolls ~ BeeGees It started the way all great trips start – with a simple plan.  Get to the CN Tower in Toronto – home of the Blue Jays – and do the Edge Walk outside the top… Continue reading Danny goes to Camp!

A Secret Whispered

Today was going to be very special – I had everything ready except for checking my computer for new emails.  Most nights I go to bed early but not before I check for phone and email messages.  But sometimes I am too tired or just plain forgetful, so when I checked for my email messages… Continue reading A Secret Whispered

My friend Norm

Norm and Santa (2013)

We were playing ‘voice-mail tag’ for a few days, but I finally got a hold of him yesterday, while waiting for my appointment at the Cancer Centre in Vancouver.  We hadn’t seen each other for about five weeks, and I missed our weekly talks over coffee.  I have lots of friends but only a very few… Continue reading My friend Norm

Dear Laura

Laura K. and her Mom

On Sunday morning I got up and made a cup of coffee to enjoy while I reviewed the latest news via my email accounts and of course, Facebook and Twitter.  I was just about to take my first sip when I noticed her smiling face in the pictures that she had posted the night before.… Continue reading Dear Laura

You’ve Got Mail!

Several months ago, I was talking with one of the student volunteers at the Cancer Centre.  He had just graduated from university with a Bachelor of Commerce and was trying to get a job in the business world.  He asked me for my opinion on how he might best find employment.  “Well, how are you… Continue reading You’ve Got Mail!